Saturday, February 17, 2007

Recent Read

Writers are readers, too. I love to read books that I haven't written. Actually, the love of reading, along with my early desire for self-expression (my mom says I 'wrote' my first book with a green crayon!) has fueled my writing career. So I spend as much time reading as I do writing.

Last night I finished an excellent book, and I thought I'd share my thoughts about it with all of you. It's called The Knight Before Chris by Peggy Hunter, and it's a Whiskey Creek Press Torrid title. A sexy, smart heroine named Winter finds herself seeking solace after an especially tedious round of interpersonal wrangling. She heads to a secluded spot, thinking to find some peace. Instead, she becomes snowbound with the object of her recent wrangling! It's a delicious romp, filled with poignant moments and sensual encounters. It's a story of two people finding understanding--and romance--amidst a blizzard.

It's a holiday story like none I've read before, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The Knight Before Chris was a great read and Peggy Hunter is an excellent story-teller.


Brianne said...

Sounds good. I'll go check that one out.

Leesa said...

I read this and I liked it, too. What are you reading next Rusty?