Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Samhain Scorchers

I love it that my story, One-Way to Venice, is in this anthology! Surrounded by scorching stories of love and things that go bump in the night, it feels right at home. Samhain Scorchers is getting rave reviews. Here's some of what the reviewers are saying:

Four Lips at Two Lips Reviews!

"...One Way to Venice is a touching short story by Rusty Wicks. Well written and poignant, this is a story that will make you cry. I fell in love with the characters and wanted their love to be ever lasting."

Five Enchantments at Enchanting Reviews!

"...I admit I have rarely found a book I have devoured as rapidly as I did this one. The stories just flew before me, sapping my control. All I wanted, all I craved, was to read it all...

One Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks nearly tore my heart with its bitter-sweet agony. The pain and sadness of the characters all but tears your soul. Yet, Ms. Wicks provides hope and a promise of a new future..."

From ParaNormalRomance...

"...Rusty Wicks has combined a touching love story with a wonderfully hot ghost story! Italy comes alive!..."

So what do you think? Ghosts....gargoyles...vampires...bumping in the night...any of that appeal to you? Hmm?

Samhain Scorchers Anthology is available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.


leann said...

this looks awesome!

Laura Bacchi said...

Congrats on these great reviews!!