Friday, February 15, 2008

A surprise

Well as you know I had Valentine's Day all planned out in my head. Dinner. Movie. Hand holding. Wine drinking. Nookie.


It didn't exactly happen that way. While we were changing from our day clothes into jeans and sweaters(so, the restaurant we planned to go to wasn't 21 but the food is good, the prices are affordable and it's within driving distance of the movie theatre.) the phone rang. I said, "Don't answer it!" but he did. And of course, it was something that couldn't be ignored.

Really couldn't be ignored.

A co-worker of the wonderful man's wife went into labor yesterday. Earlier than expected, so their support system was nowhere to be found(probably enjoying a romantic dinner somewhere!) and they had no one to watch their 3-year-old twins while they went to the hospital to have baby number 3. Get it?

You know how we spent our Valentine's Day, don't you?

Oh yeah. Watching Disney movies and cuddling two of the most adorable little girls I've ever had the pleasure to meet. And around 5 am this morning we learned that the little girls have a baby brother, Jacob Nicholas.

Not exactly what we'd planned but hey, it was a great way to spend a romantic evening. Dinner and movies. But next time I think I'll try the fish sticks with my macaroni and cheese. They looked pretty good...

Welcome to the world, Jacob. And congratulations Hannah and Haley on your new baby brother!


pattie said...

How cool!