Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Mead Steed releases!

So excited! The Mead Steed was released yesterday! It is available here. I hope you'll check it out!!

When Rose arrives in Mead she’s hoping to find a new life. It’s a small place, where meteor showers and moose sightings are the big news in town. That’s where she meets Tom, the handsome owner of the local market. There is an instant attraction but there is one hurdle that must be jumped before the pair can find happiness. Tom has a secret . . . a very big secret. And it’s hidden inside his jeans.

An excerpt:

Rose dropped her jeans on the white t-shirt, slid her lacy blue panties down to her ankles, then kicked them on to the top of the pile of sweaty, greasy-smelling laundry. After sticking her hand under the shower spray, she stepped into the tub. Heaving a sigh of relief as the warm water washed over her, she reached for the loofah and squirted a generous dollop of body wash onto the sponge.

“Damn, that place reeks. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat another french fry for the rest of my life—not even if I live to be a hundred,” she muttered as she began to scrub her body clean of the foul stink of hamburgers, fried food and stale coffee.

After working the lunch crowd at the diner, the only thing she yearned for was a long, hot shower. Which was good—since it was the only thing waiting for her when she retuned to the house she shared with her husband.

As usual, Jake wasn’t anywhere to be found. He had probably stopped off to have a beer—or two or ten—with the guys. But that…well, that wasn’t unusual. Jake had a habit of visiting the town’s watering hole after his shift was finished. He and the rest of the road crew practically had monogrammed bar stools, they were in the tavern so often.

As she washed her long, curly brown hair, she felt the strands begin to lose their coating of cheap vegetable oil. The oil clung to everything in the diner’s kitchen, and as she rinsed the first round of shampoo out she wondered, not for the first time, if there wasn’t somewhere she could work that didn’t involve such a rancid odor. It wasn’t until her hair and body had been scrubbed twice that she felt human again.

“I hate that place.” Rose’s voice echoed off the wet tile walls, a silky sound that made the empty apartment feel less lonely. She snorted. “The Diner. God, could it be any more ridiculous than that? How could anyone be so unimaginative? Naming a diner The Diner—jeez, it’s like calling a church The Church or saying The Store, The Gas Station…”

Beneath the warm droplets Rose’s hands traced a familiar pattern on her lean body. The routine never varied and she didn’t even realize what she was doing until her nipples hardened beneath her fingertips. A glance downward confirmed her feelings. Her body had reacted instantly to her touch. It demanded a kind touch, even if it was her own. As long as someone was prepared to attend to its needs, it was ready to comply.

With the tips of her thumbs Rose massaged scented soap bubbles across her taut nipples. Enjoying the tingling heaviness, she palmed her breasts, holding them as if she was weighing fruit at the market.

A smile played around the edges of her mouth. She knew she’d never be doing this at the Shop ’N Save.

Sliding her left hand down her flat stomach toward the spot between her long legs that begged to be touched, she thought longingly of the handsomest man she knew. Closing her eyes, she thought of his hard body and envisioned how he would feel pressed up against her, fitting himself into her, riding her until she exploded with the waves of pleasure that she imagined only he could give her.

Rose spread her legs, arched her hips forward and ran her fingers through the curly tangle of hair that covered her sex. She ventured into her slit with one finger only, tantalizing herself with the first tender touches for a long moment. When she felt the first tremulous tingles of pleasure she groaned.

“No…not yet. It’s too soon.”

With one hand Rose adjusted the spray so it fell in soothing bursts on her hips and, most importantly, on her pussy. She reached for the bottle of body wash, tipped it and deposited a fat, creamy drop on her palm. Working the drop into a frothy lather, she wondered how it would feel to have his slippery hands on her body.