Friday, August 10, 2007

Timing released August 6th!!

Ooh, I just love this cover!
Timing was released with Liquid Silver Books on Monday. I have been so thrilled about this, because honestly, I love this story. It may be rude for a writer to say that but it's the truth. This is a tale of two people who love each other, but who have a real problem they need to either work out--or not. Even though I wrote Lisa and Tom, I wanted them to find happiness. Their trials were important to me. I guess I feel an attachment to all my characters, but this pair found a special spot in my heart.
It’s said that timing is everything, but does that hold true in the bedroom, too?
Tom and Lisa are compatible in every way—or so Tom thinks. They love each other, have a great apartment and share so many mutual interests. Most people would think the couple has it all. And they do—almost. The truth is that Lisa hasn’t been feeling nearly as sexually satisfied as Tom thinks she has. He just doesn’t rock her world—in that way.
When a handsome co-worker invites Lisa to his posh beach house for the weekend, she dutifully fills him in on Tom and her unavailable status. But John is gracious enough to extend the offer to include Tom in the weekend getaway, and Lisa accepts his invitation. After all, why shouldn’t they have some fun?
Maybe a weekend of sun, sand and sex is just what the couple needs to get their urges in sync. At least, that’s what Lisa and Tom are hoping. And John? What’s making him grin is still a mystery, but one he’s willing to share—for a price.
Check Timing out here.