Tuesday, November 20, 2007

12 Torrid Days of Christmas

From Anne, a Recommended Read at CK2S Kwips and Kritiques for 12 Torrid Days of Christmas! Here's the whole review. Snippets are below!

Christmas has never looked quite so sexy as it does in the 12 TORRID DAYS OF CHRISTMAS….

Turtledoves, Meow by Rusty Wicks is clever twist on the theme of the two turtledoves. Becky has to find those turtledoves for her son; she just can’t let him be disappointed! Percy’s Perfect Pets doesn’t have the turtledoves, but the very sexy Steve wants to help fulfill Becky’s dreams regardless.

Turtledoves, Meow is sweetly sensual. This is my first introduction to the writing of Rusty Wicks and what an impression she made! The chemistry between Becky and Steve is instantaneous as this is a story that will warm you up on cold days. What a beautiful and heartwarming story about the perfect gift for Christmas!

A Ring and a Prayer by Rusty Wicks is a take off on the five golden rings. What happens when you mix together angels, certain sex toys, and love?

Rusty Wicks certainly offers an innovative look at the five golden rings of the song. I’m not sure I’ll ever hear the song in quite the same way again! A Ring and A Prayer is a quick but tantalizing story that satisfies. I only wish it could have been longer as I wanted to see more of Joy.

Rusty Wicks then takes on the theme of six geese a laying in Goose Steps in the Snow. Trucker Matt Nolan is less than thrilled when he’s asked to deliver a load of geese to a petting zoo this Christmas. Sexy Kim Mendez is going to make him glad he made the trip!

What a hoot! I love the twist Rusty Wicks puts into this story. And the inclusion of the six geese is certainly clever. Readers will appreciate this sexy but humorous story as Rusty Wicks puts her own unique brand on the sixth day of Christmas in Goose Steps in the Snow.

A Dance and a Dream by Rusty Wicks takes on the nine ladies dancing. Anna is determined to train her ladies to properly leap for the theater production of The Twelve Days of Christmas. But it’s really John, one of the leaping lords, who has caught her eye.

Rusty Wicks does an excellent job at building Anna’s character. I can easily envision her reticence when it comes to her heart. John sees beneath her fa├žade as well, and it is simply touching to see these two recognize their feelings for one another. It doesn’t hurt that A Dance and a Dream is pretty steamy, too!

12 Torrid Days of Christmas goes on sale on December 1st from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Wouldn't it make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone? Especially yourself?!