Monday, November 26, 2007

Irish Eyes excerpt

Irish Eyes is available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. It is a fun, sexy story and I had a blast writing it. Here's a small taste...from Irish Eyes:

They ate in silence, listening to the sounds of the
stream and the singing of the birds. Now that she wasn’t in
agony, Maddy could appreciate the beauty of the place. He
had chosen a perfect spot for their lunch but she wondered
how many women he had entertained in this sweet patch of

“Walk?” Shamus asked.

They had packed away the lunch remnants. She was
glad that he hadn’t jumped her as soon as the meal was
ended. No, the man had class. She knew what his intentions
were, yet he held back and she appreciated that.

“I’d like that.”

Shamus took her hand as they strolled along the edge of
the water. They took off their shoes and socks and rolled up
their jeans. They stepped on some of the bigger rocks in the
water and followed them across the stream to the other side
where a glade of trees lined the stream.

Below a whispering poplar tree, Shamus kissed her.
She could feel the thrumming of his heart against her chest
as he aroused her with his lips, felt herself growing moist.
And she felt his erection pressing against her abdomen when
he pulled her close.

“Colleen, you taste good enough to eat. I remember
how you tasted last night.” He kissed her neck, below her
earlobe, and she shivered at his touch. He worked his
mouth down to the spot at the very top of her shoulder,
right at the bottom of her neck, and bit gently. The brief
touch of his teeth on the sensitive spot made her
temperature rise and she sighed, leaning against the smooth
bark of the nearest tree to support her wobbly legs.