Saturday, December 01, 2007

'Tis the season!

I'm so excited! It's December 1st and in our house, the holiday season has officially begun! One of the reasons I'm celebrating today is because Annmarie Ortega and I have a release over at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Our Torrid Teasers, Volume 40 is available starting today!

TORRID TEASERS Volume 40 by Rusty Wicks & Annmarie Ortega
Here's a bit about the two stories:
Jack’s Frost by Annmarie Ortega
Stranded on a deserted road on Christmas Eve, a woman meets a man named Jack Frost who will change her life forever.
Christmas In Cheyenne by Rusty Wicks
When a small plane headed for Hawaii crashes in the mountains a few days before Christmas there are only two survivors. Cheyenne manages to drag an achingly handsome, albeit unconscious, man to a cabin and they settle in as a blizzard rages. Chances for rescue are slim and as long as the snow flies there’s little hope of walking out of the mountains.
But when Jason wakes the couple finds that being stranded for the Christmas holidays in a remote log cabin isn’t the worst thing that could happen to either of them. In fact, as the heat in the tiny cabin increases they realize they’re being together is a gift that is too precious to ignore.