Monday, December 31, 2007

January 2008 Torrid Sizzler of the Month Award!

Torrid Sizzler Of The Month Award,
January 2008!
has been chosen as the Torrid Sizzler this month!
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Jackie’s dated a long string of losers and is, quite frankly, fed up with men and the whole dating scene. That is until one day when she finds an enormous beanstalk growing in her garden. Not bashful, she climbs it and finds a whole world—and one very handsome man—living at the top of it.
Should she commit to the dream man at the top of the stalk? Or should she tough it out with the men that surround her in her own neighborhood? Only Jackie can tell whether her destiny lies at the end of a giant beanstalk.
5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

"Jackie's Beanstalk by Rusty Wicks is hot, sexy and fun! ... I got such a kick out of this take on the old fairytale. Ms. Wicks has a sense of humor that makes this story shine. It is smart and witty and it has heart, too. ... Jackie's Beanstalk shows that dreams do come true and happily-ever-after isn't only for fairytales! A must read!" - Fallen Angel Reviews


PJ said...

Congrats! You go girl!! Yay you! ;^)


tara w. said...

That story sounds like a blast! I can't wait to read it!

Suzanne said...

This book sounds so good I can't wait to order it!

maryanna said...

congrats! sounds like a good one!