Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bella Notte review!

Squee! It's a good day! A very, very good day indeed! The first review for Bella Notte is in! Can you tell I'm ecstatic?

From Simply Romance Reviews, a B+! Outstanding, that's what the B rating is! W00t! Too exciting!

Here's a little of what Lynda said:

"Bella Notte is a very enjoyable read. The men are more than sexy enough to make you drool and you will be envious of Sienna’s trip to the Italian countryside. The men are a little over the top – but it works for the story and Sienna is fun though a bit unbelievable when she can mess around with three other hotties while falling for Paolo. A very spicy read, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and take a trip to Bella Notte you won’t be disappointed."

Thank you Lynda!!

The full review is at Simply Romance Reviews! Go check it out!!


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Lyn said...


What prompted the idea for Bella Notte?

I have to tell you I really was ready to pack my bags and head to Italy after reading it! :-)