Monday, April 28, 2008

Italian Inspiration?

Lynda, the SSR reviewer who was kind enough to read and give me a marvelous review for Bella Notte, asked about my writing Bella Notte. I've been thinking about her question, and wondering just where the inspiration for the book actually came from.

Here, I'm going to have to admit that I've never been to Italy. Nope. Never. I was, however, in Spain for a few weeks. Does that count? I based a lot of the scenery and attitudes of the people on what I'd seen and experienced in Spain. I figured it was probably pretty close to being in the Italian countryside. Hey, everyone spoke a language I had trouble deciphering! That would be the same if I was in Italy. I can guarantee you that much!

Most of my inspiration for anything just comes from listening to people. My neighbor honeymooned in Bali and have been going on and on about how incredible the trip was. They've showed me tons and tons of pictures. I feel like I've been immersed in the culture and experience, even if it is vicariously. I have a good feeling the next story may take place in Bali.

Maybe someday I'll get to visit the spots I write about. For now I'll just have to research, dream and keep my ears open!


Anonymous said...

I always wonder if people actually go to the places they write about. But Bali-I think I would go there for "research". Hahaha!