Friday, June 20, 2008

Favorite golf stories :)

Okay, so I'm attempting (still!) to learn to play golf. Not going so good, let me tell you. I seem to be completely uncoordinated with regard to whacking little ball with long stick. My darling man is being much more sympathetic than he was initially, and is trying to be a good teacher. Personally I think it might have been my rant about my boobs getting in the way that made him back off. Whatever it was, I appreciate it. I was getting pretty damn close to whacking him on the head with the golf stick...uh, club.

Anyway, since I suck so badly at this stupid game (yeah, I'm working on the attitude! I promise!) people have been telling me their golf horror stories. It's been fun hearing them. Yesterday I may have heard the one that's the best so far. The woman telling the story is an excellent golfer but she said that when she was learning to play she hit a ball and it got stuck up in a tree. Yes, a tree. A big old maple, apparently. Anyhow, her husband laughed so hard he pissed her off and she climbed the tree, right on the golf course, and looked for the ball. She found her ball but when she reached for it --you guessed it!-- she fell out of the tree.

Broke her arm in three places. Now you wouldn't think this story funny but while she was telling it the woman was laughing so hard she nearly wet her pants. Her amusement cracked me up and there we were, laughing in the clubhouse like two loons.

Yeah, that's the best part of the whole golf expedition so far.

What about you? Any golfing war stories you'd care to share?