Friday, August 17, 2007

The Mead Steed, Timing--All Good!!

Just such a happy time for me. The Mead Steed has been in the "Hot Titles" top ten list since it's release on August 1st. Please go on over to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and take a peek. Irish Eyes is on sale this month, so it's a good time to pick both up!! *hint, hint* ;)

Liquid Silver Books' Homepage still has my latest release, Timing, there for all to see. I love that cover, loved writing it and I'm hoping readers will really enjoy Lisa and Tom's story. Check it out, please. There are some really interesting, hot titles up on the Homepage with my book. I know you won't be disappointed if you take a peek!

Have a great weekend!


Caffey said...

Hi Rusty! I read lots of ebooks from all over, especially WCP and LSB among others and haven't been online much this summer, I've been doing alot of catch up and found out about your books and been making a list!!! Really great blurbs and sound great! I wondered if you had a newsletter so I'd know of your news and releases? Do you have a site as well? I did now save your blog so I can check here when I remember to come and see more. Congrats on how great The Mead Steed is doing on the Bestsellers!

Caffey said...

PS I have read your story in Christmas anthology!! I read that one around the holiday and had the authors names to look up (now where is that list :)

Rusty Wicks said...


Thanks for stopping by! You've really made me smile! Thank you for your kind comments, I really appreciate them.

You've asked good questions, too. I don't yet have a website, it's one of those "to do" things I just haven't found time for yet. And I've been tossing around the idea of a newsletter for a while now. I'm not sure yet when I'll start one, but I'm sure I will eventually start sending one out. Thanks for leaving your email addy. I'll be sure to let you know when the newsletter is born!! :)

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