Thursday, September 20, 2007

Off to the weekly appointment

Ah, if you don't regularly read this blog you may be imagining I go to some wild, wooly appointment each week. Therapy. Tantric sexual instruction. Bikini waxing. Butt waxing. I don't know, something funky! In truth, I take weekly baking lessons. Really. With an expert baker, the owner of a local bakery, who has patience beyond reasoning because I have been known to, on occasion, burn whatever I'm baking.

Anyhow, today's my weekly lesson. I'm really looking forward to it. Baking relaxes me, especially kneading bread, and gives me a chance to "write" in my mind. See? I work out plot twists and the like while I bake. So really, I guess I'm multi-tasking. And that sounds much more trendy than saying I'm taking baking lessons, doesn't it?

Yeah. I'm multi-tasking. With sugar and flour. :)


bobbie said...

similar to my piano lessons. thirty-something and just learning how to play. ;)

cate said...

I love all the recipes!

KimW said...

A baking class...that sounds likes fun. I tend to buy from the bakery rather than do it myself. Not one of my strong points. lol

Mahaira said...

I love cooking and have been planning to attend some kind of classes for a log time. It hasn't happened until now but it is certainly there on my list of Things-To-Do-Before-I-Die.