Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer Scorchers!

I know it's officially fall but I love this book! Summer Solstice Scorchers Anthology by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid is selling like hotcakes. Have you seen it yet? Here's what Valerie at Love Romances said about it:

4 Hearts!

Phantom Lover by Susan M. Sailors: Christine works in a theater and does not believe in ghosts. But there is a ghost and he is very interested in her.

A Lover For Rachel by Lynn Crain: Rachel’s birthday is on the Summer Solstice and she is visiting Stonehenge. It’s no wonder a fairy appears whom she follows to another place and a very striking man.

Theft of Souls by RaeLynn Blue: Tara is the prisoner of King Diniji who uses her magic. She wants the soul-catcher who can not only free her but restore the elven kingdom.

A Taste of the Forbidden by Tambra Kendall: Izanna needs to battle a demon, go against the laws of her kind and bond with her true mate. The whole situation could kill them both.

What You Desire by Annmarie Ortega: Claire takes a trip to forget the trauma of finding her boyfriend with another woman. With her friend, they visit a fair and she sees the fortune teller. Her life is about to make a drastic change.

Unnatural Bonds by Michelle Houston: Kali has gone through hell to rescue Riordan from the mad scientist who wants to use the vampire to discover the secret of eternal life. Now what to do with him?

Dream Weaver by Shannon Peters: A demon is killing women in Sydney. Grace is dreaming of a handsome man, and this man is being distracted by dreams of Grace. Together they just could defeat this demon.

Vows by Rusty Wicks: Mariah and James have lived in Habour Street Inn for many years. They are bound by vows, Mariah to find a mortal love so she can become mortal again, James to get Mariah to love her. They both have lessons to learn.

Conjuring Cade by C’Ann Inman: When Bliss does a quiz in her sister’s magazine she doesn’t know that her sister had put a spell on it. This quiz actually conjures up her ideal man! Is he too good to be true?

This is a very entertaining anthology with some really good stories that are different and fun. Fans of the paranormal should enjoy this one. Just the right thing to take to the beach, as it is also available as a paperback... Each author gives the reader some really interesting characters, intriguing plots and plenty of hot sex. There are vampires, wizards, witches, elves, demons and ghosts. The reader, if reading by the beach, will certainly need to go take a dip every now and then.

This reviewer particularly liked Conjuring Cade, Vows and A Taste of the Forbidden. These three stories are very well written... Anthologies are a wonderful way of getting to know new authors and how they write. This reviewer has added some of these authors to her *watch out for* list and will be eagerly awaiting new releases as well as looking at their back list. Summer Solstice Scorchers is an anthology well worth the investment and this reviewer hopes that the reader will enjoy it as much as she did.


CrystalG said...

Sounds like a great anthology.

Mahaira said...

Great cover and the review is fantastic. Congrats. I like anthologies as I can get familiar with new authors.