Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1st releases at WCPT!!

Hi everyone! Happy September 1st! Hope you're all having a great holiday weekend. I'm supposed to be grilling hot dogs right now but I thought I'd just pop in really, really fast and say hello.

I've just been over to the WCPT site and taken a good long look at the new releases for September. Woo Hoo!! Now that's a lovely lineup of covers! And the stories sound hot, with lots of choices so that everyone seems destined to find something to their liking.

I've got to say I'm loving the Celtic Love Knots covers, not just because mine is this month's selection, either. I mean, that cover is just so perfectly attuned to the sort of stories it holds each month. This month Taming Tully and Maidensong will hopefully entertain readers, and do justice to the beautiful cover. Fingers crossed!

September's selections are all exciting and all look perfectly fabulous. I think I may just have to begin reading them today, and work my way through the list, LOL. I mean really, who can resist? Especially with titles like

Tarot Card Anthology: Book 1,

The Peacekeeper Journals II: The Gates of Life,

The Bride Wore Boots,

Cindy Revisited,

Loving Gabriel,

A Slave's Way Out,

Bird in a Gilded Cage: The Myth of Mirabella,

Men of Alaska: Heart of the Storm,

Torrid Teasers Volume 34:Can't Walk Away/Captive Audience,

Torrid Teasers Volume 35: Treasure/Black Angel, and

Celtic Love Knots 4: Taming Tully and Maidensong.

Whew! So much to read, so little time! Oh, that's right--I've got a whole month's worth of interesting reading right at my fingertips, don't I?

Best get cracking. First, back to my grill...


beth said...

sound good, lots of them. i'm going on over to the site now and go shopping! ha!