Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Romance Studio reviews Miami Honey!

From The Romance Studio:

"Janet is a high-class and highly-paid call girl in Miami Beach, who loves her job and generally enjoys her life. One night she meets William, an eye surgeon, who turns her viewpoint around. Her reactions to lovemaking with William, even as a client, are much more intense than usual, although as a very sensual woman, she never has to fake her reactions. Afterwards, he asks her about herself, and she finds herself amazed to tell him the truth about her life, her sociology degree, and her boyfriend.

Life moves on and Janet has other appointments and spends time with boyfriend Matt; but suddenly she finds herself wondering, is it enough to have a man who loves her? Shouldn’t she be with a man for whom she feels love, too? While she’s considering this, William is urging her boss to make another appointment for him with Janet, who’s apparently made a very deep impression on him as well. William has high social status and wealth, and an intense magnetism.

Miami Honey is a surprisingly enticing novella which copes with real-life issues of trust and life satisfaction in the context of a sultry, graphic tale. Janet is an exceedingly well-written heroine. William, her client Matt, her boyfriend, and Bruno, her manager, are also three-dimensional and realistic individuals. All in all, I highly recommend this story. I feel that I learned from it, even though unexpectedly, and that to me is one hallmark of an excellent tale."

Overall rating: 4 1/2 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Annie
November 15, 2006


kara said...

Woot! Super review for an incredible story. I love Janet, she's my kind of woman!


allison kent said...

congrats on such a great review!