Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Scorching Summer!

Have you read this yet? I promise, this is one hot volume of stories. It's getting great reviews and since I've read it I can personally vouch for the readability of all the other stories. Oh, yeah, there's one story in this called Vows that I'm pretty attached to! ;)

4 Hearts from Love Romances:

Valerie said...

"...This is a very entertaining anthology with some really good stories that are different and fun. Fans of the paranormal should enjoy this one. Just the right thing to take to the beach, as it is also available as a paperback. This reviewer did find some of the stories a bit weaker than others, but overall, this selection held this reviewer’s interest and it was a fun, exciting read. Each author gives the reader some really interesting characters, intriguing plots and plenty of hot sex. There are vampires, wizards, witches, elves, demons and ghosts. The reader, if reading by the beach, will certainly need to go take a dip every now and then.

This reviewer particularly liked Conjuring Cade, Vows and A Taste of the Forbidden. These three stories are very well written, exciting and Conjuring Cade had this reviewer laughing out loud. Anthologies are a wonderful way of getting to know new authors and how they write. This reviewer has added some of these authors to her *watch out for* list and will be eagerly awaiting new releases as well as looking at their back list. Summer Solstice Scorchers is an anthology well worth the investment and this reviewer hopes that the reader will enjoy it as much as she did."