Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Island Treasures, Book 1 Excerpt

My new release is called Island Treasures, Book 1. It is a trio of hot, sexy stories set on islands across the globe. Love on the beach? In the ocean? Nestled beneath the canopy of lacy palm fronds? Oooh...doesn't that sound lovely?

Here's a taste of Island Treasures. Enjoy!


At the sound of his voice she whirled around, her eyes
wide as they found his. They were both tall enough to look at
each other above the wooden sides of the shower and they
stared, neither blinking, for what felt like an endless span.

“Aloha yourself. What can I do for you, Mano? What
do you need?”

“Invite me in. I could use a shower—to start.”

Lani nodded, and then took a step backward. She watched
as he unwrapped a towel from around his waist and hung it
from one of the hooks outside the shower. Then he unlatched
the door and stepped into the enclosure with her.

His body was even more exquisite than she’d imagined.
He was hairless, except for the light covering on his calves and
a small nest of black curls at the base of his penis. His penis
was long and thick, even at rest. A deeper shade of mocha
than the rest of his body, it had a dark rose-colored tip that
made her think of a large, ripe cranberry.

Mano reached for a bar of coconut-scented soap and,
smiling, held it out to her. As she took it he grabbed the
second bar. Stroking creamy lather across her wet skin, he
massaged her gently. When his fingertips reached her nipples
they were less demanding than they had been earlier and she
sighed, loving the feel of his touch on her.

His body became soap slick within minutes as she lathered
him up. Taking care to avoid his thickening penis, she
soaped from his shoulders to his waist, then around his cock to
his upper thighs.

Mano slipped his hand between her thighs. Inhaling
sharply as he found, then fondled, her throbbing clitoris, she
parted her legs, raising one foot to the bench to give him
greater access to her tingling folds.

“Touch me, Leilani.”

His cock stood nearly flat against his rippled abdomen.
Lani wrapped her fingers around it and slid her hand along his
silken steel shaft. She moved slowly at first, but as he pushed
her closer to orgasm her hand moved faster.


jess said...

More,I want more! This is hot!

-Jessica K.

brenda said...

wow, this is smoking, lol! :^)