Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whiff of Blue, coming tomorrow!

WHIFF OF BLUE, my latest release from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid comes out on February 1st. It is a story about taking chances and finding love where you least expect it. Lily's sister Maddy found her heart's desire when she went to Ireland. Lily is hoping she will find love when she and her current boyfriend, Mel, take up residence in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's said there is something special in the air on the Ridges, something that just might coax reluctant hearts into finding love...

I'm sharing a sneak peek preview excerpt from WHIFF OF BLUE. I hope you enjoy it!

From Whiff of Blue:

Slipping inside the two-person sleeping bag was like sliding into a furnace. Naked, Mel gave off enough heat to melt a glacier. She pressed her cold feet against his warm ones and he shifted, rolling over onto his back.

With a grin Lily slipped out of her nightgown, rolled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off, losing them in the bottom of the sleeping bag. She inched her way over to his shoulder and rested her head on it

Sex with Mel was surprisingly tender given the difference in their body sizes. Without an ounce of fat on his frame, Mel was a living, breathing muscle that could have easily wrapped steel bars around candy bars for fun. Lily, just over five feet tall, was small-boned and delicate, as petite as a china doll. Mel could have broken her in pieces if he’d wanted to but when they had sex he was sensitive and gentle—sometimes much too gentle for her taste. She missed the wild, sometimes rough, sex she’d enjoyed with others before Mel.

But Lily knew she couldn’t have everything. Placid sex was the price she’d had to pay for a guy who hung around past the first light of morning.

Lily trailed a hand across his wide chest, down his flat, rippled abdomen and into the nest of hair that began a few inches below his navel. Reaching for his penis, she found it lying against his leg, as soft and peaceful as a sleeping baby snake. He grew quickly and a surge of heat filled her, sending slippery wetness across her soft folds. Lily squeezed her thighs together—hard. A jolt of pleasure shot up her spine and it took all her willpower not to groan. She didn’t want to wake Mel, not yet…there were things she wanted to do—needed to do—before she woke him, before she let him have his sweet, tender way with her.